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I’ve been an avid blog reader for the last six years and my favorite posts are always the personal, here’s-my-life-in-the-last-month-rounded-up kinds of things. I was thinking about this, and about my cousins son whose favorite time of the day is Cookie Time, where he, his mom and his grandma have milk and cookies. So I was thinking about the idea of having milk and cookies with people I like, but I stopped being able to drink milk around age 25, so here we are: & cookies.


Excuse the boyfriend in the background; Saturday morning video games are pretty serious.

A friend of mines uncle gifted me this coffee table. It has some wear spots on the top, so I think I’m going to refinish it. The jury is still out on what color, if any. I tend to like the look of wood, but it would be really pretty white.

I’m also not sure if I’m going to keep the “pie crust” on the top. It seems like it could be good to have a guard between coffee cups and the carpeting since I am eternally clumsy, but I’m not in love with the look.


Close-to-low FODMAP Shepherd’s Pie

I have had some health struggles lately with my tummy and gallbladder, so I’ve been on this low FODMAP diet. It has been challenging to come up with meals. Typically, I’m a toast & an egg or a bowl of cereal for dinner kind of eater, but I really enjoy dinnertime with D. So, I tweaked this recipe and we both loved it! Maybe I’ll do a little post of what changes I’ve made. Having to drastically adjust my eating habits very suddenly has been complicated, and it might help me process what’s going on.


Sometimes I can’t believe I get to learn here.

The class I’m taking this semester is hybrid (half online, half in person). When we meet in-person, it’s Downtown. I snapped this after I got off the elevator because I couldn’t believe how beautiful of a view it was. I don’t go downtown very often; I live in a suburb and work, basically, in a cornfield. But I love to look at the view of the city and wonder how, a hundred years ago, people picked this place and began to build these things.


Sorry for the blur!

On my drive in to work yesterday, I took this very blurry picture for my sister who still lives in Florida. In case you can’t read it, it says “32 DEGREES. ICE POSSIBLE.” Also, it was 7:38 a.m. and still pitch black. For those of you who are used to tundra, maybe that’s normal. But there are some things that I’m just not sure this Florida Girl will ever fully understand.

The snow is coming, y’all. And it is absolutely beautiful. And absolutely not my favorite thing.


Look at that belly!

I’ve been doing some extra resting lately, as I adjust to new foods and new ways of being. I’m grateful that I can work from home sometimes, and I think Javier is too. He’s been my little snuggle bunny lately.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t already a crazy cat lady, but that’s just life, I suppose.


I’ve been watching a lot of Boy Meets World lately. Source.


3 thoughts on “& Cookies

  1. I love that coffee table! (And the all-the-different-words-for-coffee mug that you’ve had since college.) If you paint it white, the little bunnies won’t stand out as much, though. What’s your favorite FODMAP dish, so far?


    • It’s turned out to be a really great coffee table. I think you’re right about the bunnies; they’d disappear. And most of the bunnies in my house are white… Hmmm…
      I think my breakfast is my favorite: a no-dairy yogurt, granola and fruit. That’s been my favorite meal for years, even before getting sick. My favorite new one is this shepherd’s pie that I tried out a few weeks ago – I didn’t expect it to be as delicious as it was!

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