Bedroom Art for Less

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my bedroom feel a little less… Amish.

It’s been a while since I talked about it here, so here’s a little reminder of what it looked like:


White. And more white. And more white. With a dash of blue.

I adore this room, that bed frame, those little embroidered flowers. But that white space above the bed makes me nuts.

So, I’ve been thinking about what I could put up there – three long panels, fabric on the whole wall, just leave it white because it’s an apartment…. ugh.


Then, a friend of mine told me about a deal on canvas, so I scooped up five thin canvases for $7 (all together!). And I wandered to the craft store to pick up some cheap craft paint.

I bought the bedspread because it reminded me of these quilt squares I bought to embroider (ten years ago and I’ve never finished one), which got me thinking that quilt squares might be cool!

I’m not sure what my life is that I just used “Quilt squares” and “cool” in the same sentence…

So, I started Pinteresting and found the ones I really liked and started to experiment with what I had – Prang watercolors and a sketch book from middle school:


Clearly, I would need to measure. So, I just made the long canvas into a square and used a ruler to create some triangles and came out with this:


A little too dark for my taste, but I was into the idea. I thought maybe I could lighten it up by adding a pattern:


Much brighter! So far, I’ve gotten two done and started in on a third:

I’ll post an update once all five are done, but for $20, a lot of math but not a ton of time — I think it’s gonna be pretty cute!

A. Rose (1)

House List Update!

So, many moons ago, before I needed a break from blogging, I shared with you my House List, and how to prioritize that list. As of my most recent update about my couch, here’s what the list looked like:

Finallyfoundmy newhome! (1)

In my absence, I made some changes and now, here’s where we are:

Finallyfoundmy newhome! (2)

I’ve got some posts brewing about having made those changes, so I can explain the processes. But the real reason I wanted to give this update is because I first started talking about this a little less than a year ago and I’m not even halfway done.

That feels a little pathetic.

It also feels more than a little realistic.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of how quickly things should happen, or to compare ourselves to the work / rate of others. But, when I really think about, for as much as I love to tackle house projects and make my little apartment feel cozy, I’d rather lay out in the sunshine, or have some lemonade with my mom, or laugh with my friends.

d and j

I don’t actually think that life is too short. I think life is incredibly long and we should get everything we can out of it. And that means that some days I want to be barefoot in the sunshine, and other days, I want to paint little flowers on a flower pot.

I make a million lists and like to check things off of them and love the feeling of accomplishing both big and small projects – that will never not be true for me.

It’s also true that I still have a hard time not feeling guilty when I pick to hang out and live rather than be task-oriented, almost like I need permission to take a break.

So, here you go: an updated house list and permission to go take a break and play in the sunshine, or the rain; permission to go have the life you want.A. Rose (1)

How to Prioritize a Household To Do List

Maybe it’s just me, but my house doesn’t “happen” in as systematic of a way as the rest of my life. Work and school, I make these little lists with empty boxes near them so that I can check them off as I go. My house gets tidied and fixed up when the wind blows in the right direction and the sun is out.

So I made a list. I went through photos of my house and I made a list of everything that I wanted to get done and now I have that list:

  • Find a new home for reusable bags
  • Move work space off the kitchen table
  • Reupholster dining room chairs
  • Figure out the couch situation
  • Get a rug
  • Refinish the coffee table
  • Turn the desk into an actual, workable space
  • Upgrade the trunk
  • Replace the trunk with a dresser that can hold DVD’s
  • Window treatment for sliding glass doors
  • Find a new home for donations
  • Revamp online selling system
  • Talk to sisters about the coffee table
  • D – wtf is with this beanbag chair??
  • Reorganize the bathroom closet
  • Lower that one super high shower shelf
  • Bedroom Art
  • Learn to hang up clothes
  • Arrange bedside table
  • Hang hooks in bedroom for towels
  • Return bed frame to my mom

This is overwhelming & I need to make some sense of it.


Sort It Out

The way I see it, these can be broken up into the following categories:

  • Conversations
    • Talk to sisters about the coffee table
    • D – wtf is with this beanbag chair??
  • Costs Money / Craft Project
    • Reupholster dining room chairs
    • Figure out the couch situation
    • Get a rug
    • Refinish the coffee table
    • Upgrade the trunk
    • Replace the trunk with a dresser that can hold DVD’s
    • Window treatment for sliding glass doors
    • Bedroom Art
  • Domino Effect
    • Move work space off the kitchen table
    • Turn desk into actual, workable space
  • Habit-forming
    • Revamp online selling system
    • Learn to hang up clothes
  • Other
    • Find a new home for reusable bags
    • Find a new home for donations
    • Reorganize the bathroom closet
    • Lower that one super high shower shelf
    • Arrange bedside table
    • Hang hooks in bedroom for towels
    • Return bed frame to my mom


Think about ease

Whenever I have a long list of things, whether it’s at home, school or work, I try to put the simple little things close to the top of the list so that I a) actually feel like I’m getting things done and b) I can clear some brain-space to figure out other things.

For me, the Conversations and Other category are usually where I start. So, when I look at these nine things:

  • Talk to sisters about the coffee table
  • D – wtf is with this beanbag chair??
  • Find a new home for reusable bags
  • Find a new home for donations
  • Reorganize the bathroom closet
  • Lower that one super high shower shelf
  • Arrange bedside table
  • Hang hooks in bedroom for towels
  • Return bed frame to my mom

it starts to get easy to see what should happen first. My family has a Facebook page, so I can easily just post a thing in there about the coffee table. D and I talk every day. I already think I know where the reusable bags should go and I’ll see my mom this weekend so I can return the bed frame to her.

  1. Talk to sisters about the coffee table
  2. D – wtf is with this bean bag chair??
  3. Find a new home for reusable bags
  4. Return bed frame to my mom

So then I think about time and effort. I think I already have hooks, the bedside table I can start now and keep working on, and the bathroom closet is really more of a purging project than anything else.

5. Hang hooks in bedroom for towels
6. Arrange bedside table
7. Reorganize bathroom closet

That leaves me with the donations and the shower shelf. I’ll set them over to the side for now.


Be Realistic

The last three categories require a different kind of thinking. There’s budgeting of both money and time involved in that. So I know that I need to figure out the desk/kitchen table situation, but it can live at the bottom of the list because, to me, that’s a project, not an easy one, two, three process. I think the same is true about the Habit Forming category.

That leaves me with the Costs / Money piece. Let’s look at those again, with cost attached:

  • Reupholster dining room chairs – $175
  • Figure out the couch situation – $100
  • Get a rug – $45
  • Refinish the coffee table – $20
  • Upgrade the trunk – $40
  • Replace the trunk with a dresser that can hold DVD’s – $50
  • Window treatment for sliding glass doors – ???
  • Bedroom Art – ???

I think there’s two ways to go about things that have money tied to them: you can start with the things that cost the most/least and go down/up in price. OR, you can let price be a factor and think about time and impact.

I prefer the time/impact route more, myself.

I don’t have buckets of money (clearly I’m not willing to spend more than $100 on a couch and honestly, that’s stretching it), but I do know that if I care enough about something I’ll tuck my money away until I can have it. So I ask myself these questions:

What will take the least amount of time?
What will have the biggest impact?
What is annoying me the most?
What do I care about the least?

Anything that gets listed under the first three questions goes to the top of the list and then I sort by price. I end up with this:

  1. Figure out the couch situation
  2. Get a rug
  3. Refinish coffee table
  4. Bedroom Art
  5. Replace the trunk with a dresser that can hold DVD’s
  6. Window treatment for sliding glass doors
  7. Upgrade the trunk
  8. Reupholster dining room chairs


Mash your Lists

Alright. So now we have some different lists going on, with different time frames and different amounts of money.

ertificate of Completion

So, now I’ll look at my schedule and blend them together based on homework, work, paychecks, free time, all those pieces.

Here’s the end result:

Finallyfoundmy newhome!

You may have noticed that the hanging up the clothes is no longer on the list. This is something I will just have to learn over time. I only listed the prices for the first couple of projects because I’ve found that when I create a full household  budget I start to think “Yeah, I’m never going to have that much money,” and I give up and can’t do it anymore.

So that’s it. That’s my confusing process for arranging these things.

Now, I’ll  put them all into my planner and pluck away at them!

Apartment Tour & Dreams

I rent an apartment that’s in a booming part of a small town, but tucked into the trees. I’ve decided to stay here for a least a few years, which is a nice break after moving 17 times in 11 years. I’d like to make some changes to it, and figure out where to start. I thought I’d put this here to refer back to.

Here’s a little floor plan:

floor plan

This is a (very) little over 730 square foot space and takes about an hour to clean from top to bottom – which is my preferred way to live!

In keeping with the theme of this blog, I took these photos on a day when the sun was out, not a day when the space was clean. So this is a pretty accurate portrait of how things usually look.

Front Hall


Some people call it an entry way. I call it a front hall because it’s a hallway at the front. It looks directly into the Family Room (which people here call the Living Room). To the left is the storage closet and to the right is the kitchen. That coat hook has been a life-saver. When people come over, I put the coats D I wear regularly in the coat closet part of the the storage closet so they can use the coat hook and I set a towel in front of the bi-fold doors for their boots. Easy winter solution!

Storage Closet

This storage closet has been a life-saving space. You can see on the shelf in the coat closet part that reusable bags are above the coats. I’m trying to come up with a better spot for those because I feel like I’m losing a lot of space having them there.

When you walk through the bi-fold doors, this make-shift pantry is to your left. It’s just a bakers rack. Having this pantry has made a huge difference in how grocery shopping happens and how the kitchen is organized.

To the left is this cubby that stores luggage, crafting stuff, games, cat food (apparently?), and things that just generally don’t have a home.

Project #1: Find a new home for reusable bags.


I love this little kitchen. It has basically no counter space, which is a pain, but it’s somehow also perfect. I try to keep the fridge decorations fairly minimal: some pictures of cousins, color projects by some of my favorite kiddos, a calendar, and some inspirational notes from family members.
The kettle is always on the stove because, as you can tell, there are only so many cupboards and I use it more than once a day.

IMG_3639There’s a lot happening on the left side of the kitchen, but truth be told, this is really what it usually looks like. I day dream about that being different, but I’m starting to come to terms with my reality.
Also, how cool is that photo above the sink? My dad took it back in the early 1980’s when he was in California. #bragging #hereallywasntahippie

Dining Nook


I’m pretty sure this nook is my favorite spot in the whole house. I do everything here: pay bills, talk to friends, put on make up, homework, you name it! The table was scored through an online bulletin at work; the curtains just happened to go with well.
It usually looks like this in here: laptop, tea, papers, open windows. I love it.
BUT, I also want to stop. I love the windows and I think it’s fine to perch there every now and then, but I actually have a little library area that I could be using and it really is annoying to have to move all my stuff every time I want to eat dinner.

I think I might like to reupholster the chairs someday, but I’m waiting for the fabric to wear out some more before I do.

Project #2: Move off the kitchen table.
Project #3: Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

Family Room


From the Front Hall

There are a lot of things happening in this room. The recliner (left) is D’s pride and joy. The hurricane lamp is from my childhood bedroom. The couch was a quick-buy from craigslist when I first moved in. The rocker was my grandmothers. The iron chairs were my mothers. The painting came from a thrift store. The coffee table was a freebie from a friends Uncle… It just keeps going and there’s no cohesion and even though it feels great when I’m in it, things need to change.


From the Dining Nook

It wants to all go together. It just doesn’t. There’s been a lot of conversation between D and me about that chair and he feels pretty passionately about it not being covered up. I don’t share his feelings about camo but I like trees, so I think I can make it work.
That back, left area by the bookshelves is just chaos. That’s it. Pure chaos. D’s hunting stuff, a Christmas Tree, extra chairs, a desk that never gets used.

Project #4: Either get a slip cover for the couch or get a new couch
Project #5: Get a rug
Project #6: Refinish coffee table
Project #7: Turn desk into an actual, workable space


From the hallway to the bedroom and bathroom

Things look a little better from this angle. That trunk in between the two chairs is what my parents used to move their items from the United States to Saudi Arabia and back again – super cool! I gave it an upgrade when I was 12 and had a Beatrix Potter bedroom. For now, it works to hold the television/PS4, but someday I think a change will need to come.
I also hate the vertical blinds. They don’t work quite right and they make it feel like… well, like an apartment.

Project #8: Upgrade the trunk
Project #9: Replace the trunk with a dresser that can hold DVD’s
Project #10: Curtains?


From behind the recliner

And then there’s the worst of it all: this weird area. That’s an extra chair, an extra coffee table, a beanbag chair, boxes of clothes to donate, clothes to sell, cat toys and a yoga mat. What. the actual. eff.
The extra chair has been working out well lately to hold my backpack when I get home. The coffee table is from the house I grew up in and so even though it’s too delicate for me to use regularly I still have it…

Project #11: Come up with a better system for donations
Project #12: Come up with a better system for selling things online
Project #13: Have that uncomfortable conversations with sisters about the coffee table needing to go
Project #14: Talk to D about finding a new home for his beanbag chair



From the hallway

This bathroom is the miracle of the apartment. It holds so much. It functions so well. It isn’t a lot of space but it’s doing a lot of work. There are four deep shelves that need some reorganizing and that shelving unit needs some love. But honestly, I can’t complain too much about how this space operates.


That’s not the all-the-time shower curtain. I pull it out at the first snow and tuck it away once the flowers come back… or when I get tired of snow and need some bright colors. Also, that shower rack shelf is way too tall. #oops

Project #15: Reorganize Bathroom shelves
Project #16: Lower shower rack shelf



Honest: I said I wasn’t going to clean before taking these photos and I clearly didn’t.

I love this room. It feels really cozy when you’re in it. But I definitely need some kind of artwork above the bed and I need a much better system for clothing than using the foot board for things that need to be hung up. #imthatgirl

Project #17: Bedroom art
Project #18: Train Brain to hang up clothes


There’s not a lot of space to walk between the bed and dresser. I keep thinking about moving the furniture in here around. It’s also a little crowded in this picture because I took it once the Christmas tree was up and had to move furniture into her in order to give the tree space. #apartmentproblems


So, some things happening here: I don’t love the laundry basket situation, but it works really well. I am terrible at keeping my bedside table clean. And I want to find a better situation for my towel. I don’t like hanging it in the bathroom because it starts to smell yucky fast because of the humidity.

Project #19: Figure out Bedside Table arrangement
Project #20: Hang hooks for towels


I’m thinking that spot where the bed frame is currently housed would be a good spot for towels. Or maybe behind the bedroom door?

Project #21: Return bed frame to my mom

Project Summary

So, here’s what I figured out needs to be done to make my apartment a little more functional and a little more pulled together:

  1. Find a new home for reusable bags
  2. Move work space off the kitchen table
  3. Reupholster dining room chairs
  4. Figure out the couch situation
  5. Get a rug
  6. Refinish the coffee table
  7. Turn the desk into an actual, workable space
  8. Upgrade the trunk
  9. Replace the trunk with a dresser that can hold DVD’s
  10. Window treatment for sliding glass doors
  11. Find a new home for donations
  12. Revamp online selling system
  13. Talk to sisters about the coffee table
  14. D – wtf is with this beanbag chair??
  15. Reorganize the bathroom closet
  16. Lower that one super high shower shelf
  17. Bedroom Art
  18. Learn to hang up clothes
  19. Arrange bedside table
  20. Hang hooks in bedroom for towels
  21. Return bed frame to my mom


Now to prioritize that list….


Painting the Undercoat

My father loves to paint. Not like, paintings. He loves to paint walls and ceilings and houses.


About a decade ago, my parents bought a house that was in utter disrepair. The previous owners had smoked (all kinds of things, I’m sure) in the house and the walls were covered in oily tar.

I was home from college and sad to be in a house that wasn’t the house I grew up in. I was angry to not walk in the giant oak doors of my childhood anymore.


My father’s solution to this: make the kid paint.

So I did, with my sisters and my parents. We coated the house in Kilz. I grew up painting with my dad. I’d do the trim and he’d do the rest until I was old enough to manage a roller.

I was in a small hallway of the house, trying to navigate the giant pole and no space to move it around in. I gave up and stopped painting in smooth strokes from top to bottom. Of course, my father noticed.


I told him that it was only the undercoat; it didn’t have to be perfect.

He said, “Rose. In painting and in life, if you do the undercoat right, everything will be easier,” and he walked away.

I repainted the undercoat correctly and have spent the last ten years thinking about that.